Friday, July 31, 2015

Healthy Literature Evangelism

"I like to eat a lot of steak, um, and you know meat."
Standing in the doorway was a big man, and he wasn't very interested in my cookbook.
Well this book doesn't seem very right for you, I thought to myself.
I told him about how the Naturally Gourmet was really health oriented, but didn't bother to mention that it was a vegetarian cookbook
"Yeah, I'm not really into health," the big man said.
Oh great, it's time to show him another book.
He flipped the cookbook, perhaps thinking for the last time, and turns to the page entitled Trusting in God.
"Wait, why is this cookbook talking about trusting in God?" he was extremely puzzled.
"Oh it just goes a little bit into why God values our health," I answered, "Are you Christian?"
"Yeah I am," he replied.
I could tell his mind was exploding with the idea of God actually caring about how healthy we are. We talked a little more as he flipped more and more in the cookbook
"Yeah we also have this short one. It's a great devotional that helps you get to know God better as a friend, and it's a really good one to read with your wife too," I told him as I put the Peace Above the Storm in his hands.
"I definitely want this one," he said as he took both books.

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