Saturday, September 19, 2015


My friend
I know at times you feel a victim
As questions race through your head
Why did I lose? my job, best friend, securities, all on a whim
For sure God has fled
Yes this life is a pain; like a loan to lend
But remember someone is praying for you

 My child
I know at times you feel worthless
And forgotten in the society being built
Tossing and turning in bed, overcome with the guilt
That forces you to confess
Emotions felt nowhere near mild
But remember someone is praying for you.

My dear friend,
I know you might not believe
Though closing with "Amen!"
Your eyes only perceive 
That word was the end
Though someone still prays for you

My dear child
Do you know what I've found to be true?
His promises are as sure as His prophesies
Spoken to my heart for much needed ease
Written down to speak to you
So my prayers, my friend, indeed continue

Inspiration drawn from: 
Romans 4:17
Romans 8:32
1 John 5:14,15