Monday, November 3, 2014


Walking home from school
A young boy all calm and chill
Had no idea of how 
His mother would lose her cool
Through the door he entered
Yet before laying down his backpack
His mother's displayed patience had lack

"Why you have B in Biology,
And C in all other class?
Why you not do better?
Only thing you do is go on computer
You have just one A
Why you no care for grade?"

Now the boy's heart sank to the ground
And from within whispered to the Almighty for aid

"You no know my life,"
continued the mother in her strife, 
"I work the so hard 
To come to America is not easy
For land that flow with the milk and honey
I do all for you 
But you not notice it seem
So you can have the comfortable 
That life to have we were not able
So get the A so you have American Dream"

"American Dream?" cried the boy
"More like an American Nightmare!
Your search is only for milk and money!
You've burdened me 
With a load so heavy
I practice piano
Learn to do taekwondo
And with my boys to make amends
Can I finally have some fun?
But you always expect A's in school
Will you ever be done?
Is this just to receive favor from friends?
To create an image so cool?
Oh how selfish!
Someone make it end
I'm tired of this ish"

Now neither would an ear lend
But both enraged to eruptions
And flashed before them the hidden emotions 
To withstand such verbal abuse
To witness all hell break loose
The shouts and complaints
All bellowed in vain
Worn and wearied, the boy couldn't withstand 
Hastily left to his room 
Having slammed the door
The mother followed, and pounded with dread and doom
Neither willing to lose this war
Both broken down to the core 
As they said from within
"Why won't they listen?"

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